In The Middle Of A Home Renovation? Handle These Forms Of Material Waste Responsibly


Home renovations are tasks filled with all kinds of smaller projects and tons of new or replacement materials. If you are like most homeowners, you will invest in at least one rented dumpster just to catch all of the waste that results from the process. However, a lot of that material that gets tossed in the trash could still be useful for someone else, even if it has already served its purpose for you.

28 April 2017

Hazardous: Getting Dangerous Waste Safely Transported


Hazardous waste can range from medical waste to material produced by a dangerous spill, such as an oil spill. In order for this hazardous material to be removed from its origination point and taken to a place for proper disposal, it must be transported safely using a number of protocols. Whether you are a hospital employee or a project manager working a job site who's just dealt with an abundance of hazardous material, it's important to know how the process works so that you choose a hazardous waste transportation company who will follow proper procedure and ensure the protection of Canada's beautiful environment.

3 June 2016

5 Tips For How To Use A Dumpster Rental Efficiently


Getting rid of extra items leftover from a home remodeling project or due to moving out of your current home can be a challenge if all you have available is a standard dumpster. An easier way to get rid of a lot of the extra trash is through renting a dumpster that's larger in size and can be delivered to your home for a set time. In order for you to have a good experience using this rental dumpster, consider the following tips.

24 July 2015