How To Clean Out An Inherited House That's Full Of Clutter


When you inherit a home from a family member, you might inherit all of the belongings in the house as well including clothing, furniture, and an attic full of junk. Sorting through someone's mess is a big chore, but at least you won't have sentimental attachments to it like you would with your own clutter. Here are some tips for getting rid of a large amount of trash in the easiest way.

Start By Pulling Out Valuable Items

You may throw out a lot of things from the house, but there might be valuable antiques, paintings, or dishes that you'll want to have appraised before you trash them. Even if some things aren't valuable, they could be useful to someone else, so consider donating what you don't want to keep or sell. This could reduce the amount of trash you have to haul away when you can take some things to a thrift shop or sell them at a yard sale.

Separate Metal Clutter Next

You can often find someone to haul away metal clutter free of charge because they'll recycle it and earn some money. By sorting out things made of metal, you can keep them out of the trash pile, and this might reduce the price you have to pay for trash removal. Just stack all the metal junk such as appliances, metal bed frames, and metal building materials to one side and let the metal recycler look them over. Things they won't take can then be moved to the main pile to be picked up by the trash removal service.

Decide If You Want A Dumpster

There are pros and cons to renting a dumpster. You may not want a dumpster sitting in the yard for a few days, although that might be convenient if you have a lot of decluttering to do. A better option may be to empty the house and stack trash in the backyard where it can't be seen. Then, when the house is empty and you're sure you've gotten rid of everything you want to throw out, call a trash removal company to come with a truck and pick it all up. The workers may carry the items from the backyard to the truck or you might want to stack the items near the curb. The workers might even carry the heavy items out of the house so you don't have to deal with things like mattresses or a heavy freezer.

The advantage to hiring a trash removal truck is that your property is cleaned out in a single day and there's not junk sitting in your yard for days or overnight that might attract nosy people. Plus, when you hire a truck and workers, you'll have help that can make the job go faster. If you have no interest in saving anything at all, and you don't want to deal with cleaning out the house, talk to the trash removal company about doing the work for you. Some companies will do all the work and then sort out the items once they've removed them from your home. That's the fast and easy way to get rid of inherited clutter, but you'll have to pay more for the convenience.

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25 September 2019

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