Don't Forget the Portable Toilets for Your Outdoor Festival


Is your company or organization putting together an outdoor festival or public gathering in the near future? If so, you're likely going down the long list of things you need to tackle like signing up the vendors, live entertainment, and a security team. But there's one other aspect of the event you definitely don't want to overlook— the bathrooms. Here's how renting a few portable toilets could greatly benefit your upcoming event.

Keep Your Attendees On-Site

If your festival or outdoor event will have a lot of people stopping by throughout the day, one of your top objectives should be to try and keep each guest on the premises for as long as possible. Your vendors and any other sales staff will surely appreciate it. If your paying customers find out there are not bathroom facilities on-site, they might end up leaving the area to relieve themselves and then never bother coming back. Portable toilets provide a quick and easy way for customers to handle their business on-site and then get back to participating in the event.

Don't Risk Creating a Mess

Of course, there's another option for event attendees who find out there is nowhere to go to the bathroom at your festival. Instead of leaving the premises, they could just decide to create their own spot to to relieve themselves. If you don't want to clean up a huge mess behind a tree somewhere, then you should give your attendees a more dignified option to take care of their business. You can do this by renting a few portable toilets. This will also create an overall cleaner event which is sure to be appreciated by everyone involved.

Better Reviews

If your festival will be getting press coverage, keep in mind that you'll want to put your best foot forward for any reporters that show up. Nothing is going to make a journalist grumpier than finding out there is nowhere to go to the bathroom. A festival without portable toilets risks getting poor remarks from the press. Even if nobody actually makes a mess, the lack of convenience is sure to come back to bite you in the final review.

When going over the final details for your outdoor festival, don't forget to install a few portable toilets. Having a place for people to go to the bathrrom will keep your attendees happy and coming back year after year.


10 October 2018

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