How To Make Proper Use Of A Rented Garbage Dumpster


When you are doing some construction or remodeling on your property, you are bound to end up with a lot of stuff that needs to be disposed of. One easy thing to do is to rent a construction dumpster. However, these come with some rules that you will have to follow in order to avoid ending up with extra charges or more work for yourself. To ensure that none of those things happen, you will want to keep reading.

Dispose Of Freon Before Tossing

Anything that contains Freon cannot simply be placed in the dumpster without some extra steps taken. This is because the Freon can be harmful to the environment and the dumpster rental company is not allowed to dump items containing it at the local landfill. Therefore, you will either have to have a professional remove the Freon first or simply turn your air conditioners and freezers over to a company that will dispose of them properly on your behalf. If you don't do this and leave Freon filled items in the dumpster, the company that you rented it from could charge you extra money for causing them to be cited with fines or made to remove those items from the dump.

Don't Try To Cram Too Much In There

If you have an excess of items that will need to be put in a dumpster, you might want to think about renting one of their largest sizes. This way, you will have plenty of room and enough of a weight capacity limit to work with. When you call to rent a dumpster, you can ask about the weight limits for the particular size that you are looking into. The customer service agent may ask about the types of things you will be putting in the dumpster in order to help you determine the best size for you to go with. Despite that effort, if you find that you actually ended up with more debris than you thought you would, you will want to simply call the dumpster rental company for a pickup and the delivery of a new dumpster. This way, you will not risk breaking any rules that could cause you some trouble.

Do make sure to ask the company to supply you with a copy of all of the rules and restrictions that they have for anyone renting one of their dumpsters. This will help you stay within the limits that you are allowed.


31 July 2017

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