How To Make Sure That You Are Following The Dumpster Rental Rules


The last thing you want to do is to rent a dumpster, fill it up with everything that you had to throw out, only to find out that you have broken rules that can end up costing you a lot of time and money, two things that you might not want to give up.

Contact The Rental Company  For A List

Most dumpster rental companies will have a list of things that they prohibit from going into their dumpster. This is usually due to restrictions put on them by those in charge of protecting the environment. For example, they will not want air conditioners that still have all of their coolant in them to be one of the things that cannot go into the dumpster. This is because everything that is in the dumpster will just be dumped into a landfill and that coolant can cause environmental problems when it soaks into the ground. If you have already reserved your dumpster and you are just waiting for it to arrive, it is not too late. You can contact the dumpster rental company to ask for a copy of the list of prohibited items to be emailed to you. If that is not an option, you might just want to drive to the office to pick up the list.

Find The Fill Line

Most dumpsters will have a fill line engraved into the metal on the inside of the dumpster. You need to locate this line and make sure that you are showing everyone that is helping you load the dumpster where the fill line is. The point is to make sure that as you are filling up the dumpster, that you are not going past the fill line. This will ensure that debris is not going to have a chance to fall from the dumpster as it is being hauled away. If you ignore the fill line and  overflow the dumpster, there is a good chance that the driver who comes to pick up the dumpster will refuse to take it until you remove a lot of the debris. This might mean that you have to keep the dumpster for at least another day, which means you will owe the company for an extra day of rent for the dumpster.

When you are following the rules of dumpster rental, you will find that the entire process is not all that hard. For more information, contact companies like Contractors Disposal Inc.


28 June 2017

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