Four Steps To Create A Recycling Program For Your Small Business


Recycling is becoming a part of both residential and commercial waste disposal, but for many small business owners, it is still something that has yet to be embraced. The following are four basic steps you can take to start a recycling program for your small business.

Identify the materials to recycle

You need to take a look at all the materials you are using, and what you are throwing away. For a small business owner, you simply need to take a look at everything that is going into the dumpster. The most common items that can be recycled include aluminum cans, glass, paper, and cardboard. There are likely other materials that you throw away as scrap, especially if you are doing light manufacturing.

Determine how they will be disposed

There are several options to consider, and much of it will depend on where your business is located. Some of the material you may be able to sell, but you may have to haul it to a recycling center. Scrap metal is one example. Other examples include cardboard and aluminum cans. However, there are also recycling pick-up services to consider that will come to your business and haul your recycling material away. Depending upon the nature of the items, you may need more than one method of disposal.

Create a process to collect the materials

This is the most important part of your effort to recycle. You will need to plan on how to collect and store the material. With some materials such as plastic or aluminum cans, it is a simple matter to have a bin. For other items, you will need a storage area where they can be taken to. If your property is large enough, you can have an area in each department of your business, and then have one person gather it all up and take it to the main storage area.

Educate your employees

You will need to educate and motivate your employees to participate in your recycling program. Most people want to recycle. You need only have a procedure in place, and then make sure everybody knows what materials will be recycled and how these materials will be collected. If you have a good system and everybody understands what to do, the effort to recycle will work on its own.

There are many benefits that you may realize once you begin recycling. It is possible to earn a few extra dollars, but you may also find that you are throwing out less trash, so your dumpster needs to be emptied less frequently, thereby saving money. As a small business owner, your community will appreciate your effort to recycle and you may develop a positive reputation.

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17 May 2017

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