In The Middle Of A Home Renovation? Handle These Forms Of Material Waste Responsibly


Home renovations are tasks filled with all kinds of smaller projects and tons of new or replacement materials. If you are like most homeowners, you will invest in at least one rented dumpster just to catch all of the waste that results from the process. However, a lot of that material that gets tossed in the trash could still be useful for someone else, even if it has already served its purpose for you. Check out some of the material waste you may have during a home renovation that can either be reused, recycled, or passed on to someone in need.

Carpeting - That old carpet no longer suits your style and may even be a little too stained and dirty for reuse. However, this carpet could very well be put to use by some other places. Did you know some animal shelters look for old carpets that can be cut into squares and placed inside of animal pens? Plus, most modern carpet contains a high percentage of different forms of plastic, which means it can often be recycled. Before you roll up your old carpet and toss it in the dumpster, reach out to local animal shelters and recycling centers to see if there could be another option available. 

Cabinetry - If your home renovation project involves work in the kitchen or bathroom, there is a good chance that you will be pulling out old cabinetry to bring in something fresh and new. Old cabinetry can almost always find a new purpose if it is in fair condition. Simply post the cabinetry on a local classified site for free, and you are bound to find the old components a home. If not, the cabinetry can often be broken down fairly easily and the lumber can be used for other projects. 

Bathroom Fixtures - The old toilet you are replacing, that outdated bathtub or shower stall, the vanity that is too small to be logical in your new space—all of these items may be undesirable to you, but they are highly prized by those who may be in need. Some towns and locations actually have donation centers that accept these home components as they are being pulled out of homes during projects. These organizations then hand off the items to places like Habitat for Humanity or even to homeowners who need a helping hand getting materials they need after damage to their home. 

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28 April 2017

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