Hazardous: Getting Dangerous Waste Safely Transported


Hazardous waste can range from medical waste to material produced by a dangerous spill, such as an oil spill. In order for this hazardous material to be removed from its origination point and taken to a place for proper disposal, it must be transported safely using a number of protocols. Whether you are a hospital employee or a project manager working a job site who's just dealt with an abundance of hazardous material, it's important to know how the process works so that you choose a hazardous waste transportation company who will follow proper procedure and ensure the protection of Canada's beautiful environment.


The type of vehicle within a hazardous waste transportation fleet can vary from something as simple as a box truck to something more complex like a vacuum tank-style truck. The type of vehicle that will transport your waste will vary depending on the volume and level of danger the material presents. Large spills of hazardous liquids often require the vacuum tank truck, which comes to suck up the spill and seal the material inside of a large holding tank for disposal. All vehicles should be properly marked indicating that the contents contain hazardous material. This is to warn other drivers and alert authorities if the vehicle were to get in an accident.


All drivers for a hazardous waste transportation company should be fully aware of current Canadian law regarding pickup and disposal of this type of waste. They should also be able to provide a detailed manifest to anyone who asks for it. Therefore, when the company comes to remove your waste, make sure they are writing down exactly what's being transported in the proper logs. This is done to provide accurate recordkeeping and to ensure that the waste's travel path is being properly tracked from beginning to end. The drivers should also be well-versed in the proper cleanup methods in case there were to be an accident or spill.


Hazardous waste can pose a serious threat to Canadas's water supply and environment if not disposed of properly. Make sure that the hazardous waste transport company provides you with detailed information about how and where they plan to dispose of it. There are very strict rules set in place to ensure that all dangerous material is disposed of exactly to specification so that it doesn't harm the planet. You will feel much better about selecting a company like Spruce City Sanitary Services Ltd.  who is transparent about their disposal methods so that you can be sure it's done correctly and safely.


3 June 2016

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